Core American Values Under Attack!

Being a real American means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some it means being able to eat five cheeseburgers per day followed by a ten milkshakes then suing the burger joint for enabling you to get fat. For others it means ignoring logic and reason to focus on things that sound nice or make them feel good...only to turn around and cry foul when those nice-sounding things bite them in the ass.

Nothing wrong with that - we can be that way because America has a government that does everything for everybody. There's nothing quite like it in the world, but it is under attack by shadowy forces. If Ron Paul has his way, our cherished way of life may be forced out of existence!

Do you want to give up your right to complain? Hell no I don't!

Do you want to live in a country where you are actually responsible for the decisions you make? NO WAY! It was definitely NOT my fault!

Let's be real here, freedom is overrated. Think about it: we have Indepdendence Day. If freedom is so great, why not Independence Week or Independence Month? The reason is quite simple: on July 5th the new Americans were all hung over from victory partying and the joy of conquest wore off by noon time. By then they had all realized that the war was over and now that they are free they got to do things on their own.

It's a lot like moving out of your parent's house. It seems cool at first but then you start getting bills in the mail and have to worry about stuff like insurance and other crap. Who wants to deal with bills and insurance? Not I! We are better off letting someone else deal with that adult stuff, and that is exactly what we have now thanks to Obama and people like him!

In order to remain unbiased I have to include the mantra of the enemy...the enemy of conformity who expects us to rise up and demand Freedom.

Ron Paul Perspective:
Ron Paul keeps telling us how we need to be free and that we should hold on to our liberties, but the truth is that BIG GOVERNMENT is better! Our government tells us what to do, what's good, what's bad, what to think, who to hate - best of all, our government takes money from the workers who work hard and gives it to those who work less or not at all. How cool is that? If this was a free country like Mr. Constitution wants it to be, we'd all have jobs and we'd all be responsible for ourselves...and honestly, who would want that? It's pure madness!

So let's review the options one more time just to get things straight: I can be free and have to work, pay bills, care for myself OR I can let the government deal with all that for me so I can continue eating cheeseburgers while getting paid benefits for not working. How can I put this-- pass the ketchup!!!

History has proven time and time again that it is much better to live according to the whims of someone else, and that is why it is imperative that you help save America by voting for Barack Obama...but whatever you do, DO NOT VOTE FOR RON PAUL in the upcoming primary elections.